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Star Tribune + video: A different 4-H at the fair

August 19, 2014

Recently, Star Tribune reporter Jennifer Brooks visited a group of 8- and 9-year olds who call themselves "the 4-H Awesome Mustaches." The kids earned a trip to the Minnesota State Fair by winning the 4-H Engineering Design Challenge at the Ramsey County fair with their Rube Goldberg machine. They are featured in her Aug. 17 story Change is an annual tradition at state fair. To get an even better idea of the kids' Rube Goldberg project, watch the Star Tribune video A different 4-H at the fair.

What's a Rube Goldberg machine? One young 4-H'er explained it this way: "It's something really complicated and hard to make, to do something really simple,"

Brooks reported that the kids "created a 17-stage, multitiered device of ramps and wind chimes, marbles, water, a toy truck, a pulley, a hockey stick and a precarious pyramid of cups -- all to zip the zipper on a mannequin the kids named 'Bob.'"

Going to the fair?

  • Visit the 4-H building to learn more about the Engineering Design Challenge, as well as many other 4-H science projects--like drones in agriculture, livestock science and cooking.
  • Download the 4-H at the Minnesota State Fair app, guiding you through 4-H scheduled events, results, announcements and maps. Download and install it to your iPhone or Android device.

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