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Change default settings to make Microsoft Office work the way you want


One of the best things about Microsoft Office is the ability to customize applications to work the way you want. For example, the default font in Word and Excel 2010 is Calibri, 11 point. If you prefer to use a different font and don't want to have to change it for every new document you create, you can change the default font to whatever you want. What's great is that you can change the default setting for just about anything in Office, such as customizing tabs and buttons on the Ribbon, adding commands to the Quick Access Toolbar, changing AutoCorrect options and even changing the application color scheme. 


Save yourself time! Be more efficient! Use your software the way you like it.


Many dialog boxes have a Set As Default button that you can click to change default settings (e.g. page layout, font, paragraph).

Set As Default.jpg

Each application has its own Options menu that you should go through and tweak the settings the way you like them. In Office 2010, the Options menu can be found under the File tab:

Excel Options.jpg


  1. Check out the Options menu in Word and Excel
  2. Please leave a comment on the blog letting us know what changes you've made to customize your software!


goema002 Author Profile Page said:

I've been meaning to uncheck "replace ordinals with superscripts" for a while, and this Quick Byte was the reminder to do it now. When posting docs online (such as the 4-H Clover Update newsletter), sometimes those superscripts just seem too small (e.g., 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.). Now the auto correct doesn't need to be manually "undone" every time one is used.

Amy Baker Author Profile Page said:

I unchecked "mark grammar as you type" because my documents often have a lot of passive voice and it always underlines it. I'd rather be oblivious to my grammatical errors. Yay! Thanks Karen!

bwschwar Author Profile Page said:

I changed the default folder.

thbrown Author Profile Page said:

I tried to change the default font - but it didn't seem to work. I still have word 2007 so maybe that is why. I wouldn't mind a few more tips or resources in the default settings area, as honestly I don't even know what some of the choices actually do. But then again maybe it's better if I don't mess with it too much and really make a mess of things. :0)

One thing that annoys me is the automatic spacing after and before paragraphs. I'd rather put in my own spacing. Where can I change that in the default settings?

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