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Template updates

Added inline content modal window documentation

I've added a bit of documentation on how to pop up inline content in a modal window. It uses the same script as our image and video modal pop ups. I've also integrated the head script into our core.js file so nothing has to be added to the of the document.

Updated photo caption to include full column width

Instead of just having a photo with a caption that can only be left or right aligned, I've added an option to allow it to be the full width of the column.

Updated module colors

I've updated the module colors to come more in line with the Extension Brand Identity. That includes removing the gradients and generic grays. I've also added more padding inside the modules to give the content more space to breathe.

Back to top link added to template

Some of you may have noticed the "Back to top" link that appears in the lower right corner of our website when you've scrolled down. This happens with a combination of JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

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