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North Minneapolis Tree Recovery

Last year, a tornado cause thousands in damages in North Minneapolis in a tragic event still fresh in many citizens minds. Many scars from the tornado are still visible. In Fowell park, many of the trees were destroyed. Last year team tree planted replacements to recover the shade coverage.

new trees

Volunteers from the community helped out the recovery work, and Team Tree teamed up with some citizen foresters. The trees went in well, and when we biked over to check up on them, many of them were growing well.

Full Yuba

A few of the trees were destroyed during the planting, and Chad was able to replace them by loading up the racks on his cargo bike. They are covered up with black plastic bags on the back.


The trees in the park are doing well, but the damage is still very visible. You can see the older trees, the space between them, and the small trees coming in to take the place of the loss. Hopefully they will be giving shade to park goers for many years in the future.

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