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At the nursery we have almost finished a job that has been a standing order since last fall. This is our pot-in-pot system. It is basically a field of plastic pots dug into the ground. there are 168 15 gallon pots, and room for two more rows (28 per row) of larger 30 gallon pots. The pot in pot field sits in the southeast corner of the nursery, going along the fence.

The system is used to help trees survive the winter. All of the trees in our nursery need winter to maintain their life cycles, but they also need to maintain certain temperatures. If their roots were in the ground, they would be much warmer than when they are potted above ground, without insulation from the soil. The pot-in-pot system allows us to have trees in the ground, but also keep them mobile for fall and spring plantings.

After we finish the pot-in-pots, the new ones will start to look like the olds ones, the next steps being turf, wraps, and irrigation. We cover up the patches in between with grass, spaced so that a mower can ride between the rows, and lay an irrigation line with drippers for every tree. Out of the trees that were in there last winter, only a few died, and the system is working very well. We hope that it will still be there in 10 years.

A special thanks to Matt, Jonathan, Charlie, Chad, and the Nicks.

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