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Manchurian Candidates!

ArmAld Blvd Conditions (2).JPGHave you heard of Prairie Horizon Manchurian alder?  Not many have, but Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board got a big dose last fall during the installation of a new research project in the Armatage neighborhood in southwest Minneapolis.

Prairie Horizon cut its teeth on the tough and dry plains at NDSU's woody plant breeding program led by Dr. Dale Hermann (ret.)  We've had some great previous success in Armatage with Prairie Horizon, so we decided it was time for a little expansion.

We took Prairie Horizon grown in both the gravel bed and RootTrapper fabric containers and planted them in typical Minneapolis boulevard conditions with different combinations of SylvaSoil (an organic compost product) as an amendment.

Armatage is known for its high concentration of ash, so being prepared for potential losses due to EAB is really important.  With results from this research we hope to find more trees that will fill open planting sites and create soil conditions that will enhance their long-term survival and establishment.

See above and below for a photo-essay of my days entrenched with the arborists of MPRB!

ArmAld Blvd Conditions (5).JPG
ArmAld Blvd Conditions (1).JPG

Bareroot (1).JPG
Planted Tree (2).JPG

RootTrapper Trees (4).JPG
Finishing Up (2).JPG

While it will be several 2 to 3 years before we'll have realistic results, check back often as we'll post news about the trees in Armatage and check in on their ongoing performance. 


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