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jgillman.thumbnail.JPGJeff Gillman is an Associate Professor in the Department of Horticultural Science.  Jeff's research work is focused on improved nursery practices for maximizing growth and improving long term tree health in the urban environment.

Jeff's research is conducted primarily at the research nursery located on the St. Paul Campus.  This facility includes container production areas, field growing area, and Missouri gravel beds. 

Work is focused on improved nursery practices for maximizing growth and improving long term tree health in the urban environment. The effects of various planting techniques on root health is one of his major research thrusts, as is research on the root systems of trees grown in Missouri gravel beds (aggregate hydroponic systems using gravel). Investigating trees for urban settings, primarily elms, is another emerging area. Jeff also researches claims made by TV personalities and garden gimmick salesmen.

Jeff's extension program is focused primarily on consumer and urban horticulture. I work closely with the MNLA (Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association), MTGF (Minnesota Turf and Grounds Foundation), the MPRB (Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board), and the St. Paul Park & Recreation Board.

Gary Johnson - Headshot 2.jpgGary Johnson is a Professor of Urban and Community Forestry in the Department of Forest Resources.  In addition to teaching numerous undergraduate classes at the University, he is actively involved in several research and outreach projects at the research nursery.

Areas of Expertise
Urban Forest Health:
Stress Disorders: Deicing Salt Damage; Urbanized Soils.
Diseases of Trees and Shrubs.
Risk Assessment and Management.
Tree Preservation During Construction Activities.
Dysfunctional Root Systems, including Stem Girdling Roots.
Nursery Tree Production.
Areas of Outreach and Research
Chair, Minnesota Shade Tree Short Course.
Coordinator, Minnesota Tree Care Advisor program.
Coordinator, Minnesota Tree Inspector Core Course Certification and
Recertification Workshops.

Tree Failure Due to Loading Events.
Stem Girdling Root Syndrome: Causes, Effects, Prevention, Treatment.
Effects of Construction Activities on Tree and Urban Forest Health: Early
Detection, Prevention and Treatment.
Production of Nursery Grown Trees and Shrubs: Gravel Bed Systems,
Pt-in-Pot Production, Producing Quality Root Systems.
Effects of Deep Planting on the Health and Condition of Trees.

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U of MN Forest Research People:

I have a large, healthy, apparently disease resistant American Elm on my City lot in Duluth, MN. The City Forester up here says it is one of three large healthy elms left in Duluth. Since it is on the boulevard, it is technically in the street right-of-way --- but, with the help of the City Forester, we managed to save it when threatened by street reconstruction a couple of years ago.

The tree is located right by my driveway at 4415 Regent St., Duluth, 55804.

I would very happily permit vegetative cuttings and/or the taking of seeds for Dutch Elm Disease-resistant elm propagation. Let me know if "Elmer" (yes I know elms are both sexes at once, but I gave the tree that name years ago and it stuck) can be of help in your research.

Debra L. Taylor
Duluth, MN

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