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Here are some important announcements for the upcoming future:

1. PRACTICE THIS WEEK (11/8 - 11/12)
There will be NO practice this week. Take a well deserved break, and stay tuned for details on practice details for the rest of this fall semester.

The date for the "End-of-Fall team meeting" will be announced soon; keep checking your emails!

Don't forget that apparel money is due to Mikayla next Friday, 11/19. You can drop off your checks in the Sport Club office (ask the front desk staff where the U of M Women's Rugby mailbox is), or you can email/text Mikayla. Remember, you will not recieve any items from your order until you have paid in full.

***If you have discounts from the equipment incentive, you may take it off of your total directly. If you need to know how much you are discounted, feel free to ask Cassie or Mikayla.

Our annual team banquet will be on Saturday, December 4th. We want as many fans, parents, and family members to come as possible, so please send their contact information to Mary by Friday, November 12th. Mary will also be sending out details about this event so stay tuned!

***Please include the following information when sending contact information to Mary:
- Their FIRST and LAST names
- Email address
- Phone number (if you feel comfortable giving it out)

Winter/Spring practice locations and time will be announced very soon. We are still waiting to hear the final word on when we have space. With spring registration coming up, I know that you all are very, very anxious to find out this information, but when we get final word, we will send it out to you guys. We are doing our best to get this information out as fast as possible. Stay tuned for an email from Cassie with this info.
***Most likely, outdoor practices for the spring will remain the same (in location and time) as this fall. As far as indoor practices, we do not have any idea what kind of space we will have yet.

Stay tuned for an email from Sabrina for details about a fundraising opportunity that will take place this weekend (11/12 - 11/14)!!!

7. You guys are awesome and I love you, the end!


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