Music Review Lesson - Week 3

Lesson: Music Review (2nd/3rd)

Student Objective
: To think critically about a musical selection
: To compare and contrast two different songs
: To note the positives and negatives from their point of view
: To create a poster review

: Show different symbols that mean you like it and do't like it. Examples: Thumbs up, Thumbs down, Big 'X', Sound of a bell ringing, Sound of no (eh-eh), etc.
: Does anyone know what these sounds mean?
: All of these sounds are used when someone decides whether or not they like something. It's our own opinions and we make these judgements every day. From whether we like what we just ate for breakfast to the songs we hear on the radio.

: Next, I want you to listen to these songs. After we've listened to the 4 songs, I will ask them to rate them and let them listen to them a second time. (Current songs: Justin Beiber, Demi Lavatto, MIley Cyrus, etc)
: They will rate their favorite to least favorite on a worksheet.

: To create a music review poster
: The song title and artist must be written in BIG letters and centered
: Writing has to be neat and legible
: You have to include at least 3 reasons why you like this song
: You need to include honest critique from others - At least 3 who like it and why, and 3 who don't like it any why
: Add at least 1 way you could make it better
:You need to include at least 3 of your favorite quotes from the song
: Include at least 3 pictures that you see in your head when you listen to the song
: Include other graphics to make your poster POP

: Presentation of all the posters

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