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August 28, 2008

U of M Welcoming Students to Campus in a Brand New Way

It's a fact -- college students who feel more connected to their university are more likely to stay in school and graduate. That's why the University of Minnesota developed an innovative program called Welcome Week. It's for incoming students to discover the university community and explore their specific colleges and faculty. Beth Lingren Clark from Orientation and First Year Programs explains.

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Posted by dswain at 2:13 PM

August 21, 2008

The Influential Power of Timing on the Campaign Trail

While Senator Barack Obama's great success with his lofty rhetoric may be a mystery to most pundits, one University of Minnesota researcher has it all figured out. Carlson School marketing professor Akshay Rao has studied political campaigning and discovered that, despite its content, when candidates deliver their message can mean the difference between the Oval Office and the Senate Floor.

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Posted by dswain at 1:47 PM

August 13, 2008

Why it Pays to Play Dirty in Political Campaigning

In the presidential race, and especially Minnesota's contentious U.S. senate contest, negative advertising has already crept into the campaigns. But why do candidates, who often pledge early on against it, always seem to resort to such mean-spirited tactics? John Eighmey, a University of Minnesota professor of advertising, says it has to do with the vast differences between the way a voter reacts to the bad and the good.

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Posted by dswain at 3:23 PM

August 7, 2008

U of M Cultivating Bumper Crop of Ideas for Farmers

Minnesota's $20 billion agricultural business was center stage last week at Farmfest, the annual gathering of the state's farmers. University of Minnesota Extension was there to share its research and what it is doing to improve and protect one of Minnesota's most vital industries. Bev Durgan, dean of Extension, explains.

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Posted by dswain at 2:20 PM