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HIA School Gardening Video

Above is a video about the Hmong International Academy's 2008-2--9 schoolyard ecology project.

Urban Garden Project

Intro here.

And / or conclusions here?

Convene & Connect: Key Findings

Using influence of University to convene and connect people.

  • Partnerships are key to current efforts.

  • Many partners have made new connections through the FIPSE meetings.

  • Some partners have not been able to attend to meetings or have been omitted from the e-mail list, resulting in missed opportunities to make connections

  • Extensive networks of partners, need to know which people are willing to participate in specific projects. Needs should be clearly defined before approaching new partners.

  • A good resource is ideas from partners about projects and programs as well as possible ways to collaborate.

  • There is a need/desire for expansion of capacity and resources for future planning & programming.

  • Several partners suggested the University act as a convener.


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