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New Idea: Digital Flowers

I took a nap Sunday afternoon and dreamed of a completely new idea for my project.
I call them Digital Flowers, I am taking photographs of flowers that I have taken and manipulating them in photoshop to make them have a more "digital" feel to them. I am then going to take these digital flowers I have produced, print them on transfer-sheets, iron them on fabric and incorporate them in with fake flowers I have purchased and arrange them inside of mini flower pots. I don't know if I am just dreaming of spring or what, but I am obviously ready for it!







Covering Objects

After having a progress critique I understand more now of what I want to do for my project. I still want to convey the feeling of you wanting to touch the certain object because its unusual and not what you see in nature. One of the inspirations I had is Lorna Giezot and her shells that are covered. Just looking at them makes you want to hold them and I am hoping to convey that same feeling and I am currently working with different objects that I want to cover.


Mod Podge

I was searching for different ideas through a mod podge website/blog called mod podge rocks. For those who don't know what mod podge is, it is this wonderful goo that is used in decoupage. It works as a glue and a final coat. I have worked with it when I was younger covering frames and wooden boxes with magazine clippings, and I recently started using it again last semester with my money covered figure skates. The blog gave me an idea of using photos of mine that remind me of different points in my life or memories, while incorporating a texture with it. I don't want it to become too "scrap bookish" and need to further explore options, but as of right now it was an idea that struck me as more digitally appealing to my project.

Mod Podge Rocks

for blog.jpg

Beginning Stages

My initial project ideas came from a piece I did in 2D digital studio I fall semester 2009 where I covered a pair of children's figure skates I covered with dollar bills that had printed text that showed my feelings toward the situation I had experienced. I really enjoyed covering the figure skates and wanted to continue experimenting with different ideas by covering objects with different materials. An inspiration for my work in progress came from work of Meret Oppenheim's fur lined tea cup. I am a big fan of working with materials that make you want to touch them. Obviously in art galleries you aren't allowed to touch any of the work but there is always that uncontrollable feeling that you want to run up and smear your hand all across the art work, just to know what it feels like. I really want to evoke that feeling out of people, I want them to have that feeling ten times more extreme than just a small feeling of " I want to touch that because I can't" feeling. I want to work with highly textured materials and cover objects with them.

Money covered figure skates by myself for 2D Digital Studio 1


Meret Oppenheim Fur lined tea cup inspiration


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