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Lucky Star: Rachel

Testing of Video Transfer Method

I tested out the freezer paper transfer method on thursday March 18th and it was very successful. It ironed on easily to cotton fabric and I had no trouble sending it through J.Rock's printer.

Fun Stop Motion Commercial

Transfer Method

Experimental Digital PS Flowers

Going through different options of digital flowers using photoshop

blue pixel flower.jpg

green pixel flower.jpg

orange pixel flower.jpg

pixel flower.jpg

Created Pixel.jpg

^^ As of right now I am really enjoying the way these flowers look for the digital aspect of it and want to produce different flowers by myself using the square paint brush tool

the next set of flowers are different options and techniques that I tried to make my flower photo more digital

halftone flower.jpg

hand drawn filter.jpg

hand drawn.jpg

Rounded pixel flower.jpg


Flower-Installation-Micheal Steinberg.jpg
Rachel Urkowitz

Choi Jeong Hwa

Patrick Shearn and Cynthia Washburn

Rose Nolan

Takashi Murakami

Yoshihiro Suda

Andy Goldsworthy

Theodor Geisel

Robot Flowers

I really like the idea of doing a possible Robo-Digital-Flower

Flower Printer

Researching different flower techniques I came across a printer that actually prints on live flowers and thought it was a really unique and exciting technique that I haven't seen before.

Possible Installation Piece?

After critique I decide that I am really fond of the minimal simple flower that I created in photoshop, but felt as though it needed something else. I love the idea of extremely large flowers or possible outrageous quantities of my "digital" flowers filling a room and think a possible installation piece of these dream flowers would have a great impact in a space. I created one of the possible "digital" flowers that I could make for the installation and I like the overall idea and look of it but I need to explore different digital flower techniques I haven't found one that I am happy with.



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