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Volunteer Projects for Gardeners and Environmentalists

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URVC is promoting new volunteer projects with a summer schedule for you who have indicated your interest in nature, agriculture, and horticulture. (Remember the survey?)
Any questions ? Consider these and if you have the time and desire to participate we will
provide the contact for the project(s) you choose. (612-625-8016)

1) Garden Beautification / Flower & Plant Care Assistant: People Incorporated (non-profit) maintains group homes for the mentally ill. We are seeking gardeners to maintain and add flowers & plants around a group home in North Oakdale. Water, groom & improve the garden to brighten the lives of clients & staff living & working there. Summer through fall, ending with bulb planting. Arrange your own schedule.

2) Environmental Explorers: Volunteers to assist 4th - 7th graders at the Phyllis Wheatley Community Center in North Minneapolis (Bethune Elementary). This summer the theme is ecology and the environment with a different theme each of 4 days of the week: gardening, scientific inquiry, arts, cooking, entrepreneurship.

The schedule is from 12:30 - 4pm from June 25 - August 17. You can arrange to come once or as often as you like! Wear comfortable clothing appropriate for indoors or outdoors, especially for the gardening day. This is a Twin Cities Impact Now program.

a) Mondays: Outdoor Environmental Exploration - scientific inquiry to explore the neighborhood ecosystems, water quality, life cycles & social impact.
b) Tuesdays: ECO careers & Green Enterprise - environmentally related post-secondary education options, ECO careers, green business development & marketing.
c) Thursdays: ECO Art - art exploration using recycled materials, photography of natural environment in Heritage Park & neighborhood.
d) Fridays: Gardening & Active Chefs: hands-on organic gardening, composting, cooking nutritious meals with vegetables grown, sustainable agricultural practices.

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