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Are you a Fringe Festival Fan? As you well know, the Minnesota Fringe is one of the most successful and prominent fringe festivals of performance arts in the country. Yes, much of the presentations are off the wall, but that's the point about a fringe.

This is the third year that University Retirees Volunteer Center is sponsoring volunteers for the festival. The dates are August 2 - 12, with afternoon and evening performances daily. There are 15 venues, all but one in Minneapolis. Rarig Theater's four stages are included. The principal volunteer jobs are box office sales and ushering, each shift being 90 min. A training session is required, even for previous volunteers.

It is usually the case that the volunteer does not have a seat for the performance during the shift, BUT for each shift worked you receive a coupon for any show you wish. If you choose to volunteer at Rarig Theater the URVC will provide free parking in the adjoining campus ramp. An additional benefit for volunteers is receiving a Fringe Button which is good for ticket discounts at Fringe sponsored theater productions throughout the year!

To sign-up for volunteering contact URVC through . This way we have a record of your Fringe volunteer intent. We will provide you with the registration link for which to choose your volunteering date(s), time(s), and venue(s), as well as training session. The link's website also provides the schedule of performances. In this way you could schedule your shift before or after a performance you wish to attend. If you have any problems with the link, contact URVC by E-mail or office phone (612)-625-8016.

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