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I am currently taking a Marketing 3001 course. A requirement for the course is to participate in six different RUS studies - Research Using Subjects.

For the most part, these studies are interesting. They are slotted as 30 minutes but generally only seem to take 20 or so. In one specific study I got to sit in a massage chair and rate how good the product felt. I can assure you that is was lovely and worked out nicely considering my back was slightly achy that afternoon.

In others I just answer questions on a computer and complete likert scales. Nothing all too spectacular.

On another note, two of my six studies have intrigued me. Both of these two studies were very similar in that they were testing my memory. I would read something, play some sort of game, be tested on the reading, then tested on the game rules. This continued for most of the test, however; at the end of the session both studies began asking me personal questions. The questions were generally in the realm of sexual experience and things of that nature. Although I don't mind answering these questions, I still wonder how they pertain to anything previously done in the study.

In the end, it's all for the good of research!

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