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I recall seeing this video once or twice in a previous class of mine. I've always enjoyed videos like these as they are a quick way to learn some fun facts. Not much else going on in this video than lots of interesting statistics and a groovy tune! Outside of the video however, is compiled amounts of data that explored many different disciplines of research. To collect all of these statistics requires a lot of time, money, and a variety of methods. Whenever I watch these types of videos I don't think much about what went into them. It wasn't until now that I've really spent some time watching these large scale stats run by in seconds without wondering what kind of resources were taken to achieve just that single fact. Something to think about.

This video seems to touch on many topics concerning the speed at which things are advancing when compared to the past. A stat that always strikes me is how radio took 38 years to reach 50 million people whereas Facebook took 2 years. Wild.


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