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Like many college kids, I think it's fair to say I'm mildly addicted to coffee. Beyond the fact that it wakes me up with a little burst of caffeine I also enjoy the flavor. I find that coffee is also conducive to conversation such as when you grab a cup with friends or a study group. This is evident whenever you walk into a bustling coffee shop where the are filled tables of people conversing, sharing ideas, and surfing the web over their steaming cups of java.

As the article states, the percentage of Americans who are 18 and over that drink coffee everyday is 54 percent! This statistic alone really illustrates the role that coffee plays in our lifestyles. For instance, the U.S. spends four-billion dollars annually on coffee importing alone. While I looked through many of these statistics, I couldn't help by call to mind how many coffee shops are scattered throughout campus. I myself was even at the Purple Onion today to meet up with my partner for a sign language project. As I left the coffee shop, I noticed how packed full of students it was. There seems to be a 'coffee culture' among many University students and I'm confident that culture exists at nearly every college campus. Aside from students, those in the workforce are likely to experience a similar coffee culture as Starbucks, Caribous, and Dunn Bros. are scattered throughout any commuters way to work. The annual spending for coffee from these specialty corporations in the U.S. is 18 billion dollars! Furthermore, the average coffee drinker spends 164.7 dollars a year on their coffee alone. Just typing this entry has made me crave another cup of coffee...perhaps I'll give in!

There are many more interesting coffee statistics located here:

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