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Today, 75% of people feel that their countries are not living up to their creative potential, whereas only 25% feel sated with their country's creative performance. This statistic came as a real shock to Adobe, who hosted the global study of 5000 individuals living in the US, UK, Japan, France, and Germany. Adobe conducted this study in support of their new program, Creative Cloud, but in the process uncovered many interesting statistics in regards to the worlds creativity.

In the US, 52% of individuals considered themselves to be creative with second place being France at 36% and Japan at 19%. Interestingly enough, individuals in the U.S. said they have the highest regard for the value of creativity but also expressed the most concern about the way creativity is valued. Furthermore, nearly two-thirds of the population surveyed believe that creativity is very important to a society. Another statistic that really struck me was that over half of all respondents agreed that today's education system stifles creativity.

There seems to be a real disconnect between the said value of creativity when compared to the actual appreciation of creativity within the workplace or education. The article states that many teachers find creative individuals to be difficult to deal with and out-of-line when compared to the rest of the students. In many employers minds, productivity and creativity aren't quite two concepts that merge easily. I find this data fascinating in the sense that as a society we value creativity so much, yet actually embrace it far less than generations before us. We live in a such a consumer generated world with the internet at all of our fingertips which would seem to only open doors and let the creative vibes flow, yet the data shows that as a society we are actually becoming less creative. Perhaps it's societal pressures that cause individuals to sway on the functionality and systematic side of things, as we are all aware that being an artist or creator of sorts often lacks a decent fiscal reward. Or, perhaps technology and the internet have clouded our minds in a way that allows us to think less outside the box, or ultimately, just think less? I certainly have no answer or even a half-concrete idea as to why creativity today is now being shadowed by yesterday's, but I do know that I sure hope that data begins to turn around soon. Creativity is cool.

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