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This article has 50 facts about Millennials. I've always enjoyed reading about this generation and discussing it in class as I feel there are a lot of interesting things going on with this specific generation. Is that narcissistic, considering I'm a millennial myself? Perhaps.

All the same, here are several of my favorite facts from the article you can find here:

-48% of Millennials who say word-of-mouth influences their product purchases more than TV ads. Only 17% said a TV ad prompted them to buy

-7 average number of jobs a person will have by age 26

-15% of Americans ages 25-29 who had never been married in 1960, compared to 55% in 2011

-35% of employed Millennials have started their own business on the side to supplement their income

-41% of Millennials have made a purchase using their smartphone

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