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I recently subscribed to Netflix over this past summer. A little history I found interesting:

2001 - 456,000 subscribed members.
2002 - went public
2003 - Netflix made 7 million dollars in profit
2008 - Started the movie streaming service.
2010 - Profited 161 million dollars. Netflix had an overall U.S. dollar revenue of 2.16 billion dollars!
2011 - In July, the company decided to split it's DVD and streaming service into to separate packages. The price change went from 9.99 dollars for both service to 7.99 for each. A few weeks later, Netflix dropped the DVD delivery all-together. Customers did not take either of these actions kindly, and as a result Netflix's stocks dropped from a record 304 dollars to just under 90 dollars each. Wow.

Today - I think it's safe to say Netflix is still doing pretty well! I've been sated so far. In fact, I can't stop watching Breaking Bad at the moment. The service has proved detrimental to my studies more than once since my summer investment.

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