U.S. Household Broadband Connection

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In 2012, 90 percent of U.S. households that have computers now have broadband internet. In terms of the population, that makes 80.3 million people. This is quite the growth, considering that just five years ago 65 percent of households with computers were subscribed to a broadband service. It's getting to the point today where computer ownership is the hurdle between individuals subscribing to a broadband service. Furthermore, there is a strong correlation between income and broadband subscription.

Those who make under 30,000 dollars a year are:
59 percent likely to use a computer at home.
52 percent likely to use internet at home.
47 percent likely to use broadband at home.

Conversely, those who make over 50,000 dollars a year are:
97 percent likely to use a computer at home.
97 percent likely to use internet at home.
91 percent likely to use broadband at home.


I recall hearing that Japan has made the internet accessible to nearly every with free wireless spanning the country. Does the U.S. soon merge with such an idea? Is the internet something that should be accessible to all citizens if they wish to use it from their home? I don't necessarily feel a strong stance on the question either way - just an interesting idea. There is always public libraries and coffee shops who provide free wireless, and even McDonald's provides free wireless today. The internet is such a part of everyone's lives today. I feel this is especially true for the younger demographics who have grown up parallel to the growth of the internet; in the idea that web content has matured just as a human does.

It's funny to think back to a time I vaguely remember when I didn't have to experience the internet. Now, nearly anyone with a computer has a broadband connection and is likely to be exercising some form of an online presence. I'm interested in what another 5 years could potentially bring!


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