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February 27, 2006

Memories from Paul Sannerud, class of '83

Rarig was Dickensian… you know, “best of times.. “ and all that. Great friends with whom much laughter, love and lunacy were shared. We all knew too much and too little all at the same time.

A few Rorschach memories:

2 summers on the showboat – Hazel Kirke and The Belle of New York.

The best: sitting on the taffrail, feet up, silly uniform shirt untucked, after a show with a frosty adult beverage and watching the river in the moonlight.

The worst: Looking up one Sunday afternoon and seeing the whirling clouds of a tornado directly overhead.

Rarig: “The bomb shelter�

The Best: The merry pranksters: John Justad, Janet Ryger, Scott Latandresse, Greg Trochlil, Todd Hensley, Tom Thatcher and all the rest.

The Worst: evening calls in the scene shop….

Cedar Riverside:

The best: Pumperniks Deli, the Triangle, Culla’s

The worst: Parking!


They were all the best! I loved working with Lee Walker ( God rest his good and merry soul), Julia Fischer, Tessie Bundig, and bunches more.

Practical Joke:

The best ( a tie): welding a stolen concrete squirrel into CLB’s locker, and the deflating the dome party.

The worst: I’m not sure the statute of limitations is out on this one yet….

Thesis Show (Billy Budd)

The best: Working with Charles Nolte -- especially during Tech rehearsals.

The worst: Having two weeks of techs!

Saturday morning donuts, getting a microwave for the Boat!, visiting the old boilers from the Showboat at their new home in New Orleans, Riding the buffing machines in the shop to clean the floor every quarter, setting Lance's pants on fire with welding sparks!

I wish all of you the best on your reunion. I hope to make it but it is unlikely as I will be IN technical rehearsals for an opera.

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Dear Paul,

It was lovely to read your reminiscences of "those days back then". My Rarig connection was more tenuous (and very much vicariously enjoyed through Janet's delicious tales of "work in the shop today", but there are a few people and things that come to mind...

Bruce... (departed too early from this world) who ran the scene shop while Lance was painting at the Starlight (I believe) -- he was the first person I met at Rarig. I showed up at the door one day, not yet even enrolled, and asked if I could volunteer to work there (yes, dumb and idealistic).

Barb Begich in that closet called the shop office, Nayna R, Chris (Our Town), Brian B, snit helmets, drawing on the right side of your brain, Atelier Lack, that summer Rarig work project (I spent three weeks trying to plane down a handrail), visiting you on the boat, banners a-go-go, "Kit-Kat my Ass", driving down to Kansas City with Scott ?? and Janet for USITT (wow, Kansas City, the big city) and showing up there with my final project for Prof. Josal's design class, X days too late: "Kevin, the curtain has already gone up"; young, thin-as-a-reed Jason Brockman in Caucasian Chalk Circle. What else -- "blue flash", scenic artists' paint brushes that were so expensive that the bristles fell out (en block) the first time you washed them.

Driving Janet across the river one day (when I still had a car) and her saying "stop the car, I want to get out" in the middle of the bridge -- whereupon I did, she did, and I drove off. Lance in his summer shorts, Gino talking to me as if I was an adult (even as she knew better).

Enough schmaltz. (Wow, it just occurred to me this all went on in the Pre-Internet/Mostly Pre-Word Processor/Pre-Everything Age. How did we survive?)

-Kevin Pfeiffer,

reporting from Berlin aka Old Europe, where I've been more or less living since 2001; now working as a translator and generally enjoying life.

Best wishes to all und Viel Spass beim Feiern!

Posted by: Kevin Pfeiffer at March 6, 2006 5:48 PM

You guys are the 48123 best, thanks so much for the help.

Posted by: Caty Tota at August 3, 2006 3:55 PM