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March 27, 2006

Memories from David Gebel

What I loved most of all during my time at Rarig was the unbelievable amount of rehearsals and work you could be doing simultaneously: scenes for directing students, scenes with fellow actors for your own class, main stage rehearsals, and work outside of the school is you had it. It exposed me to more people, writers, directors than I could have imagined. It allowed me to discover what I did well, and at what stuff I sucked (like blank verse).

The endless scenes available to do let me take risks and chances - not worry about getting fired! I can't even remember the exact scenes I did, but do remember the ephemeral experience of finding some wonderful moment in performance with it with my partner - (Becky Crumb, Megan Grundy, David Gale, Laura Davies) - they were private performance moments appreciated and never to be seen again.

"Rarig High" was quite an experience.

After one performance of "Kiss Me Kate" everyone in the cast was going on about how quiet and unresponsive the audience was, what a "bad crowd' they were. Dr. Moult on (our director) overheard, stepped in and simply stated "Maybe it wasn't the audience..." Hm mm. Lesson learned.

Hope to hear from others of that era.

David Gebel
(917) 701-9855

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