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April 5, 2006

Hello from David-Michael Monasch

Hello all from David-Michael Monasch: graduated 1971, as one of the first two U of M BFA's in Theater - together with Linda Smith (where is she now?)

Most fond memories were evoked by Peter Thoemke's contribution (now to be found under Student Memories) and Patsy Monson's memories of the GREATEST PARTIES ever - - (and I have to agree!). For a long time I pondered whether to attend the reunion or not, since so much of the focus seems to be on the Rarig years, which came after I had already gone to the Guthrie and then dropped-out of the theater altogether for many years. Would I know anyone? Would I feel like an old fossil? But then I decided to go; to see a few folks, (especially former teachers), visit my sister (also a U of M theater department alum), see Barb Berlovitz's Cabaret (we started at the U together), and hope for a surprise meeting or two!

So, I guess more than anything I'd like to urge old friends from the late Sixties/early Seventies to come to the reunion - - it would be wonderful to see you again. I'm sure we've all changed enormously, challenged by relationships/work/children/LIFE - - and/but perhaps something of those heady and idealistic times still lingers in our souls. Anyone remember the Anti-War rally at the State Capitol with the huge heads we made of Nixon, etc? (I've never forgotten the sight of thousands and thousands of people pouring down the street toward the Capitol, where we were waiting to perform.) How about the police in riot gear in Dinkytown? Spider John Koerner and Leo Kottke at the New Riverside? The Walker Art Center's superb intimate rock concerts at the Guthrie? Wes Balk's Hugo Square Productions? The often brilliant Minneapolis Children's Theater? The first years of the Minnesota Renaissance Faire? Bob Moulton's Stagecoach Theater productions? The thrilling Firehouse Theater? The growth of the co-ops (and the takeover of the People's Warehouse by the 'Trots')? Boogie's at the Odd Fellow's Hall? While these memories aren't directly connected to the Theater Dept. at the U, they are all part of my memories of the rich years I spent in Minneapolis/St. Paul. I'd love to share more with whoever shows up!!! I'd also welcome email from anyone who'd care to write:

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