Final weeks of the semester!

Your final assignment for Grassroots Marketing is to write up a 1-page summary/evaluation of your semester in Grassroots, how you think it went, what you would change, did you meet your goals, what you learned, etc.

Email it to Jennie and Leiah

Due Friday, April 30th


Execution of Justice - Week 10 (week of March 29)

Hey everybody, sorry for the lack of updates!

We're starting marketing for Execution of Justice, which runs from April 16 - 24.

Assignments so far:
1. Read Execution of Justice script or watch The Times of Harvey Milk on Hulu or watch the movie Milk.

Doing one of these will help you get a sense of what the play is about, and to help you get ideas of how you could be promoting it.

2. Write up your marketing plan for the show. We'll be discussing your plan at your meeting THIS WEEK.

We should have posters and postcards to distribute to all of you by NEXT week. I am going to add some graphics/images that you can use in your flyers that you make for this round of marketing, or for getting the word out on the web.

Finishing Love's Labour's... Week 6 (week of March 1)

Hey everybody!

I know this week is almost over, but if you haven't distributed your flyers yet, please do so ASAP! For one last push before Love's Labour's Lost closes, we're asking you to please do some chalking this week. Stop by Rarig 110 to pick up some chalk and chalk anywhere on campus or in your neighborhood about the show. (It's super nice out-- enjoy the weather!)

Please try to get any remaining posters/postcards/flyers for LLL out there before Sunday. They are no good just sitting around and not being seen!

Update! Week 4 (week of February 15)

Flyers and videos!

As you all know, your current assignment is to complete either a flyer or a video to promote the show. Ideally, it would be directed to your target audience.

Flyers: We will print your flyers for you. Jennie needs your file (Word doc, Google doc, Photoshop, InDesign, PDF, etc), paper color preference (if any), and the number of copies you think you'll need on or before your meeting day next week.

Meeting times / due dates:
Wednesday @ 11:30am ... need your file by Tuesday Feb. 23
Thursday @ 2pm ... need your file by Wednesday Feb. 24
Friday @ 2pm ... need your file by Thursday Feb. 25

Videos: We can help you share your completed videos online. Upload it to your YouTube or Facebook, and we'll help share the link on our Facebook page, Twitter, and YouTube. Videos should be completed on or before Opening Night of Love's Labour's Lost (Friday, February 26)... unless you are planning to film on opening night.

Week 3 - Flyers & Videos! (Week of Feb. 8)

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Dimensions: We'll print your flyers on 8.5 x 11" paper, so make your flyer that size or smaller.

Colors: We'll print your flyers in black & white, so keep this in mind when you're creating. We can print on colored paper, however.

Fonts used on the poster for LLL: Rivanna for the main title (free to download), Futura for secondary text (not free to download). Since Futura isn't free, I would suggest using a different sans-serif font that you already have on your computer.

Imagery: You can use the graphics we used on the poster, or other imagery. Be careful when taking images from the web - give credit where credit is due. Here are some resources to finding photos, graphics, and images legally.


Equipment: CLA has video equipment for rent, but you have to have permission to rent it. You get permission by being enrolled in a video class. If you are interested in video and want to rent equipment but don't have access, team up with someone who does.

Note: Your video for this assignment doesn't have to be fancy: you can just record yourself talking in front of your webcam, or stop by our office and use the webcams on our computers.

Editing: The marketing office (110 and 120 Rarig) has 2 computers with Final Cut Express. If you want to use our software to edit your video, let us know.

YouTube: the Department of Theatre Arts & Dance's YouTube channel

This week's assignments:
- Create either a flyer or a video to use as part of your plan to reach your target audience

Week 2 - Online Marketing Tools

Facebook : Department of Theatre Arts & Dance's fan page

Twitter : Grassroots Marketing's Twitter (follow us so we can follow you and track your updates)

New to Twitter? Guide to Twitter

This week's assignments
1. Friend Jennie Germain and Leiah Stevermer on Facebook
2. Invite your Facebook friends to the Love's Labour's Lost facebook event
3. Sign up for Twitter (if you don't already have it)
4. Follow umtadgrassroots on twitter and find others of interest to follow
5. Distribute season brochures to your target audience (Friday meeting people: we forgot to hand these out, so just do this next week after we distribute to you some brochures)
6. Email Jennie with the following information about your marketing plan:

  • Target Audience:
  • Methods to contacting them about the show:
  • Time line broken down into weeks as to what you plan to do when:
    - Feb 8-14
    - Feb 15-21 (you will be getting posters and postcards to distribute this week, so please include this in your planning)
    - Feb 22-26
  • Evaluation (how will you know if you are successful):

First meeting: Friday, January 29

At our first meeting, you all received a copy of the marketing plan for Love's Labour's Lost created by our marketing staff Cody Baldwin and Jenna Frankenfield (contact info).

Love's Labour's Lost marketing plan

For all the details about the show and ticket prices, check out the Love's Labour's Lost press release.

Assignments for this week
due at the next meeting, Friday, February 5
- Create your marketing plan

Welcome to Grassroots Marketing!

The first meeting for grassroots marketing practicum is Friday, January 29 at 2:00-3:00pm in Rarig 120 (the box office).

Hi everyone,
Welcome to Grassroots Marketing! Based on feedback we received from the group last semester, we are making a few changes to this practicum. In addition to updating your progress on Facebook, you are required to attend a weekly meeting at 2pm on Fridays, with the first meeting this Friday, January 29 in Rarig 120. These meetings will give us a chance to discuss what you have been working on, possibly work with each other on projects, and for us to discuss marketing ideas. Please let me know before Friday if you are unable to attend these meetings and we will work out an alternative meeting time. Before our meeting this Friday, I would like you all to familiarize yourself with the "Love's Labour's Lost" script.

Here are some links for your reference:

Please let me know if you have any questions, otherwise I will see you on Friday.

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Because of conflicts, we have scheduled 3 different meeting times each week for Grassroots Marketing. You are welcome to attend any of the 3 times; whichever works best for your schedule. Just make sure you come to at least one meeting per week.

Meeting time options:
Wednesdays @ 11:30am
Thursdays @ 2pm
Friday @ 2pm

Execution of Justice preview performance
Thursday, April 15th @ 7:30pm
Execution of Justice final dress rehearsal
Wednesday, April 14th @ 7:30pm
Just check in with the house manager (Cody Baldwin) when you arrive.