Just got done with the class I'm taking with Barbra Berlovitz, working with the text from Shakespeare's "The Winter's Tale". I'm excited for rehearsals to start so I can see how the work we're doing now with the text will translate into [director] Lisa Channer's heightened physical aesthetic.

We're doing a lot of work with facial and physical neutrality in order to make decisions based solely off the text. Shakespeare writes with "no subtext"; this means that the text should tell us exactly what we feel, what we're thinking, which I guess should ultimately produce textually charged physicality over psychological internalization.

We'll see?

Hello out there

So life moves on, and while I find myself swamped in what can only be described as 'buckets' of homework, I see people I know in the department working on all sorts of fun and exciting projects. My fellow BFA's are busy in rehearsals for Undiscovered Country (Oct. 22-30) The Diviners (Nov. 11-14) and Picnic (Nov. 12-14). Plus some of my BA friends are getting ready for what sounds like an awesome theatrical "event" at the Southern in a few weeks. The Woyzeck Project (Oct 22-Nov 6). I can't help but be a little jealous that I too am not in a show right now...oh well. At least I get to see everyone else do something fun! (while I sit at home crying and writing dumb bogus research papers... but I'm not bitter)

Peter's First Blog Post


My name is Peter Rusk. I am a third year student at the University of Minnesota pursuing majors in Theatre Arts and Political Science. I am currently enrolled in the following courses:

Voice and the Actor with Barbra Berlovitz,
Puppetry Fundamentals with Michael Sommers
Physical Approaches with Luverne Seifert
Theater History I with Michal Kobialka
Intermediate Directing with Lisa Channer
Lighting Design with Marcus Dilliard
Political Economy with Ben Ansell

I am working on the Woyzeck Project which is taking place at the Southern Theater and is being directed by Luverne Seifert and Carl Flink.

I will no doubt post more in the future.


Blog-o Numero Uno

Hey everyone!

I'm Michael Fell and I'm a second year student in the theatre department and a first year student in the U of M/ Guthrie Theater BFA Actor Training Program. So I've had my hands in multiple cookie jars. Currently I'm a freshman in the BFA program and have been busy meeting my new company members (they're pretty great, you should meet them sometime) and working in the marketing office! So keep an eye out for more inside scoop from Peter Jenna and I!

Jenna's First Blog


My name is Jenna and I'm a junior in the BA Theatre program at the U. I'm busy balancing a double major in Theatre and Child Psychology, but I managed to squeeze in three theatre courses this semester: Theatre History with Professor Michal Kobialka, Singing for Musical Theatre with Dr. Elizabeth Nash, and I'm also in the show "The Winter's Tale", February 11-19, and am lucky to be taking a pre-rehearsal voice class with Barbra Berlovitz, along with my castmastes, to prepare for the show. I'll be giving updates on how classes and rehearsals are going (once they begin).

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