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June 24, 2010

Associate Professor Lisa Channer Featured in Art of the Research

Check out our very own Prof. Lisa Channer, as she works on her latest project, Oldest Story, about King Gilgamesh.

The Art of the Research segment combines video and vocals to visualize calculations, thus creating unexpected discoveries.

Driven to Discover: The Research Series

Click the ART tab

June 11, 2010

Dance Faculty Member Toni Pierce-Sands's Company Featured on TPT MN Original

TU Dance, a company founded by Dance Faculty member Toni Pierce-Sands and her husband Uri Sands, was recently featured on TPT's MN Original program.

Check out the video at TU Dance | mn original

June 9, 2010

Affiliate Faculty Member Bob Rosen Named One of the 2010-11 McKnight Theater Artist Fellows

The Playwrights' Center announced the 2010-11 McKnight Theater Artist Fellowships. These fellowships recognize outstanding work by professional theater artists other than playwrights whose primary residence is in Minnesota. A diverse panel of local and national theater artists select three recipients for grants of $25,000, plus $1,000 in artistic support, on the basis of professional achievement and sustained level of excellence. Bob Rosen, an affiliate faculty member for the Theatre BA program, was one of the three artists to receive these fellowships.

June 7, 2010

Professor Michal Kobialka has been named the 2010 University Imagine Fund Arts and Humanities Chair

The University Imagine Fund Arts and Humanities Chair enables professors with a record of distinguished scholarship, teaching and service to conduct a research project that will further their own scholarship, generate curricular innovation, and forge intellectual communities in the university or wider community. Professor Kobialka's two-year project seeks to re-open a discussion on the Enlightenment in the twenty-first century when the basic driver of the academe is its political structure as well as the distribution of resources among the various political actors. This project is envisioned as multifaceted research project which will comprise the following: a book project, a graduate intensive seminar on the Enlightenment, and a conference, "Performing the Enlightenment in the Twenty-First Century." (The schedule will be announced when available.)