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Theatre/Dance revamps prices:"No Longer a Bank-Breaker"

"U of M theater is no longer a bank-breaker," declares the MnDaily's A&E blog by writer Sarah Harper. "Most theatre events will be free, and any show that isn't free, students will only have to pay five bucks. And that's not limited to U of M students. Any student with any type of (current) student ID will be able to slam down an Abe Lincoln and see a play. Non- students will be charged only $10," reports the blog. And the same deal goes for dance events. Peg Guilfoyle, the Theatre Arts and Dance department's producing director explains," In an attempt to fling wide the doors of Rarig...we've completely revamped the pricing structure. " Great news for everyone pinching pennies and wants the thrill of experiencing live performance. See "the satisfying welcoming list of FREE events and information on the U of M'sTheatre Arts and Dance website suggests the Daily's blogger who knows a good deal, when she sees one.

You can read the full story here: http://www.mndaily.com/blogs/ae-blog/2011/10/03/u-m-theater-no-longer-bank-breaker

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