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"See Spring Awakening while you can" TC Critics Rave

The reviews are in! Critics and audiences jump to their feet applauding. Score a smash hit as Theater Latte Da presents in partnership with U of M Theatre Arts and Dance SPRING AWAKENING now on stage through May 6 at the Rarig Center's Stoll Thrust.

Graydon Royce of StarTribune
"Spring Awakening beautifully reminds us that every generation needs its voice."
"Denise Prosek finds the thrumming heartbeat of Sheik's music with a perfect ear."
"All this effervescence lifts the ensemble's energy, and it creates contrast for the poignant, quiet moments."

Morgan Halaska of Metro Magazine
"Peter Rothstein's ability to harness the energy of his cast and showcase their sheer talent is astounding."
"The cast . . is in a word, phenomenal."
"See Spring Awakening while you can."

Chris Hewitt of Pioneer Press
"You could light a bonfire with the energy coming off the stage at Theater Latte Da's "Spring Awakening."
"Immediate and urgent...the kind of thrill you get only from live theater."
"...I wouldn't want to miss any of it."
"A raw and vital evening of musical theater."

Ed Huyck of City Pages
"...bursts with energy at every turn... you want to jump out of your seat and join in by the end of the show."
"...Director Peter Rothstein and choreographer Carl Flink present a piece that is overwhelming in its constant movement and energy.. "

John Olive of HowWasTheShow.com "A sexy and deservedly popular theatrical tour-de-force"
"[Director] Peter Rothstein's work on Spring Awakening is perfect!"
"Call the box office ASAP and make reservations. I don't want you to miss this one."

Special pricing for students and faculty.
Tickets for SPRING AWAKENING are NOW available 612- 624 -2345 or LatteDa.org

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