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Little Confused?

So I read the questions and comments on the backstage pass a little late, and came in at the end of the online discussion but I felt like I HAD to comment. I have a few questions also. Why is it a big deal if the cast of The Wiz is

predominately white? No one is ACTUALLY surprised about that right? Why weren't similar questions raised when we were doing... uhm... The Crucible? And if we are making art, are our ideas limited by the way in which the art

was originally made? Does everything need to be the same as the broadway cast or the cast from the movie?
Naw, of course not. Sometimes I think we need to go back to elementary school and be forced to read books or

see plays with diverse people in them. Then maybe it won't matter to us if we stay true to the way a show was intended to be cast or not.

Coming into this project, I'll admit I wondered about the casting and was nervous that Dorothy wouldn't look like Stephanie Mills (She's the original Dorothy, not Ms. Ross:-) But after being apart and having to address so many other ideas and visions I stopped thinking about RACE and remembered to just love making art with whoever,

wherever, and when ever. Honestly the questions that were raised on the backstage pass seem to me more like a way to get tenion rising. Maybe even a way to get more tickets sold? Well whatever it is, I can tell everyone that

The Wiz is going to be a great show not just because we are multicultral or diverse but also because the diverse group of people involved, LOVE MAKING ART!

It's a Brand New Day...