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Why we blog

Welcome to the University Theatre’s blog for The Wiz. My name is Sean Nolan and I am a Marketing Associate for the U Theatre and would like to give a little insight into why we are here, online, talking about the show.
It has been a goal of the U Theatre to further integrate new media into the archiving and promoting of the program for some time now and The Wiz gives us a show that presents itself nicely for providing mass entertainment but is also topical to many points that concern the question, “Why do we do theatre??

The aim of this blog is intended to be 3-fold:
1) To generate interest in our shows and programs (esp. for prospective students).
2) To document the rehearsal process and become an online archive of the work.
3) To serve as a discussion forum for issues generated by the play.

Our feature bloggers are Ivory Doublette (Dorothy) and Sabrina Crews (The Wiz). Their journey in this production will be documented on this site for all that are interested to see.
If you have any questions or want to join in on the discussion, please don’t hesitate.


Sean Nolan