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Movable Type, the software that runs UThink, allows users to categorize their entries with user-created subjects or headings. Categories in Movable Type are also picked up by as "tags." Select a letter below to browse through categories that UThink users have created so far. Click on the category name to read the entries for that category, or click on the blog name to be taken to the blog home page. You may also select a random category below. Refresh or reload this page with your web browser to see more random categories.

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Random categories

OUW Bulletins (from Women and Religion)
notable (from Meg L.)
Networking (from Vocare)
Links (from Anth 3043 Drag Kings)
Individual participation (from Beyond Library Associations)
Fruit (from Yard and Garden News)
Information (from budhablaze)

Recently created categories

Please note, some of these may not be populated with entries yet. If that is the case you will be forwarded to the blog home page.

Environmental Law (from LawSci Blog)
Battle of Algiers - reflection pieces (extra credit, 600 words) (from In Theory)
2014 Winter (from CLA English e-Quarterly)
24 Fanon Wretched of the Earth II (from In Theory 08)
23 Fanon Wretched of the Earth I (from In Theory 08)
22 Du Bois Souls of Black Folk (from In Theory 08)
21 Horkheimer and Adorno (from In Theory 08)
Emerging Technology (from Policy Catalyst)
20 De Beauvoir II (from In Theory 08)
19 De Beauvoir I (from In Theory 08)