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Movable Type, the software that runs UThink, allows users to categorize their entries with user-created subjects or headings. Categories in Movable Type are also picked up by as "tags." Select a letter below to browse through categories that UThink users have created so far. Click on the category name to read the entries for that category, or click on the blog name to be taken to the blog home page. You may also select a random category below. Refresh or reload this page with your web browser to see more random categories.

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Random categories

Remotely Yours - Self-Identity (from arts1601 t + i new and combined media)
Week 13 Blog (from GWSS3002: Gender Race and Class: Women's Lives in the United States)
Inspirations (from new media: making art interactive ~ fall 2009)
Resources (from BioArt 2009)
Recruiting Info from Employers (from Vocare)
Analysis Blog (from The Kenny Connection)
Voice to Vison stand in (from ARTS 1601 FALL 2008 004)

Recently created categories

Please note, some of these may not be populated with entries yet. If that is the case you will be forwarded to the blog home page.

2015 Spring (from CLA English e-Quarterly)
TCAB (from CLA: Department of Writing Studies)
visualization (from Fiscal Issues & Geeky Stuff)
2015 Spring (from RockBlog)
2015 Spring (from VISUAL NARRATIVES)
Winter 2015 (from CLA Alma Matters)
Climate & Weather (from Yard and Garden News)
volunteer systems (from YD Update)
Tanzania 2015 (from CSE Global Seminar Blog)
2015 Global Seminars (from CSE Global Seminar Blog)