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How to use Movable Type

Movable Type is one of the most popular blogging packages in the world. It's ease of use is one of the big reasons why the University Libraries selected it to manage our blog system. Please familiarize yourself with UThink's version of Movable Type through the Quick Start Guide below.

Quick-Start Guide

The following steps will help you create a weblog, post your writing and add authors to your site.
(To complete these steps as you read, first log into UThink using your U of M Internet ID and password.)

Step One: Create a Weblog

Following your initial login into UThink, click on the "down arrow" Create New Blog at the top of the screen. Then click on "Create a new blog."

Your new weblog needs a name, and a directory. The directory name you choose should be short, and indicative of the type of blog you are creating. For example, if you are creating a blog about biology research, your directory name may be "biology." Type this information into the provided boxes on the "New Weblog Settings" page and click the button at the bottom that reads "Save Changes"

Upon subsequent logins to the system, you will most likely be placed into the blog you laste updated. If this is not the case, click "Manage" -> "Blogs" to see the blog(s) you have access to. If you would like to create another blog, locate and click on the "Create a new blog" link. The next screen will be the "Create Blog" page you used to create your first blog. You may create as many blogs as you want, just remember to give each blog a unique directory name.

Next, continue onto Step 2 below...

Step Two: Post Your Writing

After you have created a weblog in Step One, you will be taken to your new blog's administration interface. To make an entry in your blog - generally called a "post" - click the "Create" -> "Entry" link in the menu bar at the top of the screen. The "Create Entry" page will load.

In the "Title" box at the top, enter a subject, title or name for your forthcoming post. Underneath the "Title" box, complete your writing in the "Entry Body" box. Bold, italics, underlining, links, etc. can be achieved by highlighting text in the "Entry Body" box and clicking one of the provided formatting buttons.

Finally, after you have completed writing your post, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the "Save" button. You will see a brief sequence of system messages on the screen while your post is saved to your weblog archive and posted to your homepage.

View Site To view your page, simply click the "View Site" button along the top of the web page. Your site will open in another window or tab, and you should see your most recent post listed under the day's date.

Step Three: Add Authors

Add UsersAny person using UThink can share authorship of a weblog with other students, faculty, or staff members of the U of M; the original author need only identify the Internet ID's of the people that need access and enter them into the system. Within Movable Type, this is accomplished by clicking the "Add Users" in the main menu bar under "Manage" -> "Add Users." You are then taken to the "Add Multiple Users" dialogue screen.

Simply type the Internet ID into the box near the top of the screen following the instructions to separate multiple internet IDs by a comma. Do not enter the "" portion of the Internet ID. However, if you are adding a guest Internet ID, enter the complete email address. Then assign the roles you would like the user(s) to have and click the "Save" button.

You have now completed the basic setup process for your UThink weblog.

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