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Ways to Use Blogs

Faculty and Instructors
  • Create UThink blogs for specific classes, and attach the students of those classes to the blogs as authors, in order to encourage discussion and debate. Many classes across the country are already doing this, including classes at the U of M.
  • Encourage students to create their own blogs, and create assignments that give students the option to use their blogs as the mechanism for completing those assignments.
  • Use UThink to rapidly publish new ideas and areas of research to a much wider audience than ever before, and receive comments on your entries thanks to Movable Type's comment functionality.
  • Use UThink to track areas of research interest, web sites about a particular topic, or happenings in a particular field. With the categorization functionality of Movable Type you can quickly and easily manage entries on all your research interests. In addition, each blog comes with its own search engine so you can quickly find past entries.
  • Use blogs to keep in touch with current and former students, or with colleagues around the world. Thanks to Movable Type's notification functionality you can have the blog server automatically email specific people every time you update your blog.
  • Use UThink to create a newsletter, or a faculty group blog to keep everyone up to date on departmental matters. And thanks to UThink's x.500 integration you can attach all of your colleagues from any of the four U of M campuses as authors.

For more information on how faculty from around the world are using blogs check out this Chronicle of Higher Education article: Scholars Who Blog.

  • Create a UThink blog to share your opinion on classes at the U, campus events, local or world news, or really anything! Let your opinion be heard.
  • Create UThink blogs for your classes, or specific papers or speeches, and easily organize your thoughts using MT's categorization functionality. Also, find old entries quickly thanks to your blog's built in search capabilities.
  • Use UThink blogs to keep your friends and family up to date about what you are up to.
  • Use UThink blogs to keep track of links to important web sites used in your classes, or keep track of library index and database citations for your papers and speeches.
  • Use UThink blogs as a research tool. The more people we have logging in and posting opinions, the richer the search results will become.
  • Create a UThink blog for any student organization, club, or group you might belong to and easily keep other students up to date on your group's activities, events, or views on a particular topic.
  • Thanks to Movable Type's templates functionality, customize and design your blog to look any way you want.

These are just some of the usages for blogs in an academic environment. If you are using blogs in a way we haven't listed, please let us know at

In addition, the University Libraries are more than willing to give a presentation to any group that wants to learn more about UThink and how to use the service. For more information please email

Examples of UThink blogs

These are just a few examples of the different ways people at the University of Minnesota have used UThink blogs: