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UThink is being upgraded to Movable Type 4.25!

Hello everyone! I don't know if you have heard this through the grapevine or not, but UThink is upgrading to Movable Type 4.25. Currently, UThink uses Movable Type 3.33, which is about 2-3 years old. Movable Type 4.25 offers a ton of new features and functionality which should make UThink easier to use and more powerful.

Some of the new features that UThink will gain through Movable Type 4.25 include:

  • Tagging of entries and uploads
  • User profile creation including avatars
  • The ability to create "Pages" or non-blog format content
  • Vastly improved asset managment for all your uploads
  • Custom Field creation capabilities
  • The ability to create display widgets for stuff like tag clouds, recent comments, recent uploads and more
  • New styles and formats including two and three column designs
  • Complete user control over imports and exports of blog content
  • Much, much more

One of the more exciting new features in Movable Type is the ability to create more than just a simple blog. When creating a new site in Movable Type 4.25 you will be given the choice of creating a Classic Blog, a Community Blog, a Community Forum, or a Professional Website. Of course, with all these format choices authors are also given complete control over their content and templates to completely design and configure their new site to meet their needs.

For those of you that are new to Movable Type 4.25, here are some screen shots highlighting some of the new functionality. Click each image for a larger version:

The new "Dashboard"

The new "New Entry" screen. Note WYSIWYG formatting options.

The new "Widgets" screen.

It is our hope to complete the UThink upgrade during the week of May 18. This is after finals and before the start of May Session.

Stay tuned to this blog for more updates and information concerning the upgrade. If you have any questions, please leave a comment or send a message to


I am extremely excited, I'll get to redo my blog template.

Good luck on the migration!

>>UThink is being upgraded to Movable Type 4.25!

really need?

What does this near-constant search manipulation mean for ethical web designers and web design companies?