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UThink to be upgraded Monday, June 15

Hello UThink users! I've got good news (or bad news if you prefer MT 3)! UThink is going to be officially upgraded on Monday, June 15 starting early in the morning. We hope to finish the upgrade process as soon as possible Monday morning, but UThink could be down for most of the day. It is unlikely, but please be prepared for that possibility.

Why June 15th? According to the academic calendar it is the first day of the 2009 Summer term. If we don't do it now, we will probably have to wait until August to minimize disruption.

We have spent the past three months getting ready for this upgrade. All of the issues and problems we have identified in the previous entry and in other forums have either been addressed or fixed. This upgrade won't be without its own problems, but we are confident we have prepared the system as best we can. Of course, as is the case with many application unveilings, you don't learn about all the problems until users start using the system for real. Again, though, we are hopeful that we will have as seamless upgrade as possible.

Having said that, there will be some issues, especially for those of you with existing blogs:

  • Existing blogs will not have all the functionality of Movable Type 4. This is because existing blogs are currently using templates developed in MT 3. Existing blogs will function fine in the new system and will fully migrate, but new features like tagging or page creation or custom fields will not work unless the existing blog templates are modified to include the tags that make the new functionality work.

  • Having said that, I am going to spend this week writing as much documentation as possible on how to make the most out of the new functionality available. I am going to put most of this documentation both on this blog and on the Technical FAQ Wiki Of course, since it is a wiki, it is my hope that after the upgrade other UThink users will feel compelled to write other how-to's about the new UThink functionality. Feel free!

  • The current functionality of MT 3 will be retained in MT 4, however in many cases it will work differently, or it will be administratively found in different locations within the interface. For example, this is most definitely true of the BlogRoller functionality (the functionality many people use to create lists of links to favorite web sites on their blog homepages). Again, documentation will be prepared to address as many of these issues as possible.

At this time I'd like to thank Alina Rimbu and Douglas Lochowski-Haney of OIT Academic Computing for making this upgrade happen. Thanks guys! It has been a pleasure to work with you both!

I'd also like to thank the College of Liberal Arts Student Technology Fee Committee for the grant that made this upgrade possible. UThink would not be going through an upgrade without this financial assistance, and I sincerely appreciate the committee's belief in the merits of the project. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Again, Monday June 15th the UThink blog system will be upgraded. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!