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UThink upgrade schedule

Hello UThink users! We are upgrading the UThink system today to Movable Type 4.25. Here is a high level breakdown of what will be happening today:

  1. Monday morning (6/15), access to the Movable Type will be cut off. Blogs are still accessible, but no commenting or editing will work.
  2. During the day, probably early afternoon, work will be done to get the data transferred and upgraded and all the new code in place.
  3. Sometime during the day, we will cut of access to the blogs as well as Movable Type and run the upgrade script.
  4. If all is successful, we switch the DNS so that "" points at the new Movable Type configuration. We may also create a new alias at ""
  5. If the the upgrade has finished without any complications, we let people through to both the new UThink/Movable Type and the blogs.

Please note: we are hopeful that this upgrade can be finished today, but please be prepared for this process to take longer. The UThink upgrade could take until Tuesday morning, depending on the complications we run into (and rebuilding all these blogs takes time).

Thanks for your patience everyone. We are excited to finally bring Movable Type 4.25 to all of you. As always, please let me know if you have any questions or comments.