October 30, 2007

F*ck the Lakers

When I was in the Twin cities three weeks ago for the marathon, I bought this long sleeved running shirt at the pre-race convention. I have no idea why the Apple photo booth takes pictures in mirror mode -one would think it can't be that hard to reverse the image- but the shirt reads I heart The Lakes, and below, in small font: Cedar, Isles, Calhoun, Harriet, Nokomis Run Minneapolis.
Photo 218.jpg
Heather really liked it, and so do I. A little ode to my stomping grounds in Minneapolis, where I prepared for two marathons, and that I really really miss from a running point of view. Not that Chicago is all that bad. Today, I ran home from work, a nice run along Lake Michigan, but you always feel the city so nearby with the cars passing by on Lakeshore drive, not the quiet escape that the lakes are in Minneapolis. The running path in the dark also gets to be quite monotonous, to be honest, and the wind coming in from over the lake also gets to be annoying after a while. But I guess overall I am a bit pissy because my run was semi-crappy. Preparing for a marathon while recovering from a previous one is a delicate balancing act. You run too much and you risk injury/overtraining, you run too little and you risk being unprepared for the next marathon. I did a fast ten miler on Saturday, an easy six on Sunday and was going for another brisk ten miler today, but I had to settle for a less ambitious pace tonight. Consecutive days of running is harder than it was when preparing for my previous marathon. I am adapting my training approach a bit. I am not going to run too many long runs, I am afraid that they will drain too much energy and do more harm than good, I' ll just hope that my previous training and my marathon has made my body ready to handle another 26 miles. Instead I will focus on runs between 8 and 14 miles, working on speed a little bit, and maybe do one longer run about 17 days before the race. But enough about that.

About a week ago, I went for a short night run, going north along the lake from where I live. To get to the lake and the parks where it is nice running, parks, lakeshore paths, neighborhoods, the Northwestern campus, which is gorgeous by the way, I have to run through some city streets where it tends to be a bit rougher. It is not all that bad, but you have to be aware of your surroundings a bit. Wanna be ghetto thugs make it a matter of honor not to make room on the sidewalk and the like. Once someone yelled at me "what you running for, there aint no cops around," you get the picture. But during this particular run, the yelling was a bit more intense than usual. One guy yelled at me while I was running around his quartet of wanna be though guys: "what the fuck is wrong with you?" No idea what that was all about. Later, someone else also hurled a profanity my way that I could not quite understand, but it had something to do with a "white boy running cus he can't jump" or something to that effect. I might have misunderstood that one though. When I was almost home, I made the mistake of running on Morse
, which is where the usual gang of losers hangs around the liquor store and El stop, and one guy yelled at me as I was running by: "fuck the lakers." All of a sudden it dawned on me: they were yelling at me because of my shirt. They did not get that my shirt was an innocent reference to the city of lakes, but they though it was an LA Lakers shirt. Lakes or lakers, small difference, but in this sports crazy town, I might as well have worn a shirt saying "please beat me up." Guess I won't wear that shirt again at night.

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