My Choice

Originally the University was not even in my mind. I wanted to be somewhere warm and desirable. Florida is where I wanted to be. I toured UCF and University of Florida three times each. I loved each one. I wanted to go there, I saw my future there. I even applied as early as could be. Just to be precautionary of course I applied close to home at the U also. I waited and waited for my acceptance letters. Finally both of them came from Florida. I WAS IN!! Yes! I couldn’t have been happier. Now I just had to decide which one was for me.
As the days got closer and closer to my deadline I broke down. Florida? That’s so far away I thought. I had a brand new little niece and the best family ever right in Minnesota. I couldn’t do it. Regretfully I sent in that I was going to attend the University of Minnesota. Now looking back I couldn’t have ever imagined going anywhere else. It worked out perfectly. I’m proud to be a gopher now!