The Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival is here again, but where will you go to find out what to see?

Probably not the official website, which for the better part of Friday at least, was down. Where else might you turn?

We'll start with the Star Tribune. Content related to the festival is featured prominently on the paper's movies page. The box features links to video interviews and stories on individual films. There are several smaller pieces that I can read or watch depending on what I want to learn. Perhaps most helpfully for those un-initiated in film festival culture like myself, the Star Tribune's spin-off hosts a full festival guide. Broken down with bullets, subheads and sidebars, it lists planned events and even gives you helpful tips such as reading as many professional reviews as possible ahead of buying a ticket.

Reviews are, unfortunately, all you will find at City Pages. While they do offer them for several different films, they don't have the context of the Star Tribune, or even the Twin Cities Daily Planet.

Similarly, The Twin Cities Daily Planet has pages dedicated to the films, but invites interactivity. Users are encouraged to rate each that they have seen and leave feedback. The Planet and CP both invite comments on their stories as well. The Planet, like, also has more context and guidance on the festival as a whole.

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