October 6, 2004

call night

Last night was my first call night. Started out 8am yesterday in the newborn nursery and left the hospital today at 1PM. The thing I liked least about being "on call" was that at least as a student there wasn't that much for me to do so it was a little worthless for me to be there. I suppose on a busier night there would be more for me to do. The call rooms were less than luxurious, but I slept ok.

The babies are fun. I examined a little girl yesterday right after she was born, and again today. She was in better humor this morning, but yesterday was a big day for her. It takes them a little bit to adapt to extrauterine life. Normal day again for tomorrow, our team is in the newborn nursery until Saturday at which point we will spend the week in the wards.

Posted by vand0527 at October 6, 2004 7:30 PM