Icon Day #8

5.3.2010---- I went to the Twins game. I wore dark 7 for all mankind jeans. I was taking a sip from my drink and a friend asked for a sip. I said no.... GREED

Icon Day #7

5.2.2010-----I needed to my wash so I dug deep into my closet, found an old pair of jeans. They fit! I was proud.... PRIDE

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Icon Day #6

5.1.2010---- It was warm today! Jean SHORTS! I love shorts... LUST

Icon Day #5

4.31.2010---- I wore a light wash pair of jean capris today. It was rainy and cold all day, I should have worn long pants. I got cold... Wrath

Icon Day #4

4.30.2010------ you guessed it another pair of Sevens... They are almost black in color and go with every shirt i own... Someone told me they liked my jeans... they must be ENVIous.

Icon Day #3

4.29.2010---- Today i wore a pair of Seven for all mankind Do-Jo jeans. They are darker wide legged jean, I've had them forever... I made cupcakes in them---GLUTTONY

Icon Day #2

4/28/2010------Today i picked out a pair of 7 for all mankind jeans. They are a medium wash and boot cut. I like to cuff the bottoms... these are a favorite pair of mine.
As i walked out the door and down my grassy hill, feeling rather sleepy I slipped and fell putting grass stains down the side of my pant.---- I was tired and slow all day...SLOTH

Icon Day #1

For my Icon---- I love jeans, I have an obscene abundance of jeans, and each day for the next 8 days I'm going to wear a different pair/brand and write about it.

4/27/2010-------Today i wore an old pair of true religion jeans. They have the biggest back pockets ever. The pocket lining has little Buddhas on them... I love that!

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