The Astonish Me Problem... a reading response

The Astonish me Problem, is an article discussing the art of visual texture. It highlights the fact that even tho paper is 2D we can make things look dimension with textures and colors to give it a more appealing look. I like the concept that just because an object is 2D doesn't mean you can't make it have a 3D apperance! I never looked it that way, so it was an interesting view point for me. People tend to gravitate more towards and eye catching, perhaps more texture piece, then say a boring flat poster. I personally liked the articles reference to street post and and junction boxes becoming works or art and "limited editions" and not just poster sites. This is so true. Have you even been in a subway station? Some of those walls are plastered with posters, some are just giant ads but in away it becomes an art form.
Lastly the article covered the works of Shigeo Fukuda, he had the ability to take shapes and place them so to create a graphic mind trick. He used 1 to 2 colors (thus having a very limited palette) but this made his work really simple, yet had alot to look at. I really liked that style. Picture 10.png

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