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The intention of this poster is to invoke the idea that "all is one"... The message (in 5 different languages) is written in black, signifying their unity. The hands are black outline with color in the inside, diverse yet the same. They hold up the messages as a whole...

2 Posters

all is one.png

all is one 2.png

Anatomy 2

Anatomy 2 was my favorite of the three articles. I love the use of bright (pop) like colors and found it interesting how it made a difference if they used many colors it will appeal to a a more diverse audience. The different hues of colors had a direct effect on behavior, in this particular article they were rather bright and cheery! All in all i liked that each poster's history had so many pieces. Makes one think..."am i really that original?"

The work of Andy Warhol really does a great job in terms of the color and showing how color sets a mood....

Iranian Design

I thought this article was interesting... definitely something I don't normally read about. I liked the overall critique of the Iranian design. The posters were unique but the common problem seems to communication. It was hard to tell what the poster was selling/its message. Further reading the author talks about the lack of communication skill in the designs and informs us that it is not regularly taught in schools. Being artistic seems to be more important then communication. In todays day and age I think as designers we need to focus more on our basic communication skills in our designs more so then our art... If we can't convey a clear message, have we done our job right?


poster 1.png
Poster #1

poster 2.png
Poster #2

poster 3.png
Poster #3

Charity Design

I found this chapter to be very interesting... I really liked the fact that companies work harder sometimes on charity work more so then a clients work. However what is the motivation behind taking so much more time and more effort into an "unpaid" client? The article mentions that pretty interesting, about all the charity work design companies do. It's neat that companies work harder on charity work than paid clients. I think it is great that charity work is done so well. Although the article goes on to state that the design companies tend to have more freedom working with charity. From a designers perspective I think that would be more motivating being able to use more of your own designs vs. someone else's. They can create work that is more "risky" perhaps go a little further outside the box.

Inspiration cont...

The illustrations in Zen Shorts a book by John Muth is really the style i am looking for...

Picture 5.pngPicture 7.png
Picture 6.png

I also like a print done by artist Ken Wong

Picture 3.png


As I searched the web for inspiration I came across a site that made some sparks.


Some of the graphics were very interesting and they talked about the year of rapprochement. The site had several good links and I found myself switching gears in terms of my design.

Picture 2.png

Chapter Two: Color Theory

After reading the article, it instantly reminded me of 2-D design... Alot of the information was review, but non the less important in design. It took both watercolor 1 and 2 and I think the single most thing that helped me the most was my color charts. You simply can not put together all the possible colors that can be mixed in your head. I took a particular interest to how colors can be used globally all around the world and how they can be seen very differently. I don't think someone can study color too much... there are endless hues and shades.

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