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Icon Day #2

4/28/2010------Today i picked out a pair of 7 for all mankind jeans. They are a medium wash and boot cut. I like to cuff the bottoms... these are a favorite pair of mine.
As i walked out the door and down my grassy hill, feeling rather sleepy I slipped and fell putting grass stains down the side of my pant.---- I was tired and slow all day...SLOTH

Icon Day #1

For my Icon---- I love jeans, I have an obscene abundance of jeans, and each day for the next 8 days I'm going to wear a different pair/brand and write about it.

4/27/2010-------Today i wore an old pair of true religion jeans. They have the biggest back pockets ever. The pocket lining has little Buddhas on them... I love that!

Indesign File (farm booklet)

Chapter 4 Response

The chapter talked about how to use space and the how it can serve many functions. It discusses how white space can be a good way to create visual hierarchy. An interesting part of that is that white space is not always white, it can actually be any space that has no text or visual/graphic element. Without the use of white space and visual hierarchy our designs would be confusing and hard to understand. The use of white space in my booklet will be important because I would like to make sure the book is easy to read and visual pleasing. I think this is an extremely key point in design.

30 Tutorials That Will Teach You IN-DESIGN!

The link below, is pretty helpful for using In-Design...


Chapter 2 & 3 Reading Responses!

The second chapter really focuses on the importance of the design process. For this particular project, I think looking at all the elements and paying closer attention to the detail, will make a major difference in my design as a whole. I specifically want to work on my measurements and how precise i am in terms of the grid system. By using a grid system for my farm booklet I will create a sense of unity and cohesion.
The third chapter talked about the grid system, which I have also discussed above, in terms of my design. I enjoyed learning about the many grid systems a designers can use, and how some are very "griddy" and other not grid like at all. All in all i thought that the readings did a good job going over the steps for the beginning design processes~

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