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Project 21 Final Poster

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Statement of Intent

Each of the colored hands are working together to hold up a single message... All Is One. By creating a simple black outline of hand and filling them in with different colors shows we are all the same, we are all one inside and out


The intention of this poster is to invoke the idea that "all is one"... The message (in 5 different languages) is written in black, signifying their unity. The hands are black outline with color in the inside, diverse yet the same. They hold up the messages as a whole...

2 Posters

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poster 1.png
Poster #1

poster 2.png
Poster #2

poster 3.png
Poster #3

Inspiration cont...

The illustrations in Zen Shorts a book by John Muth is really the style i am looking for...

Picture 5.pngPicture 7.png
Picture 6.png

I also like a print done by artist Ken Wong

Picture 3.png


As I searched the web for inspiration I came across a site that made some sparks.

Some of the graphics were very interesting and they talked about the year of rapprochement. The site had several good links and I found myself switching gears in terms of my design.

Picture 2.png

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