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Kim Jong-il Said To Be Recovering From Brain Surgery

North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-il was not present on Tuesday for the country’s 60th anniversary parade, leading to speculation he was seriously ill.

Kim could have partial paralysis on one side of his body due to a stroke that occurred last month reported the Star Tribune. Doctors possibly from China and France were said to have performed the brain surgery. Conditions have improved after Kim’s operation and he is showing no signs of slurred speech, which is a common side effect.

Officials said the episode prompted analysts to consider the chaos that would ensue if Kim does not recover enough to resume power. If the “Dear Leader? was incapacitated, it could have serious implications in North Korea's nuclear disarmament negotiations, reported the Star Tribune.

“A leader from the current political elite with strong ties to the military would take over,? Peter Hayes, director at the Nautilus Institute, told the New York Times.

None of Kim’s three known sons or his daughter has been selected to take over the dynasty, but analysts said on Wednesday, the most likely situation would be the stakeholders in Pyongyang forming a collective leadership, the New York Times reported.