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Lost WWII Submarine Found

The USS Grunion was confirmed as the wreckage found off the Aleutian Islands last year.

The submarine has been missing since July 1942 when it reported heavy anti-submarine activity near Kiska, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Japanese anti-submarine attack data didn’t report any activity around the time the USS Grunion disappeared, which left its disappearance a mystery, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Commanding officer, Lt. Cmdr. Mannert L. Abele’s sons are the ones who aided the Navy in confirming the wreckage by hiring experts and leading expeditions to the site. Underwater photos and video allowed the submarine to be identified about a mile below the surface.

"We hope this announcement will help to give closure to the families of the 70 crewmen of Grunion," Rear Adm. Douglas McAneny said.