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Discussion--Week 12

Free choice discussion this week. Whatever is on your mind, related to the course.

This is due by class time on Monday the 24th (even though we are not meeting).


I apologize if this has nothing to do with the prompt. I wrote this sonnet my sophomore year for my English class. This poem took me the longest time to write. Though I understand the poem, I forgot why I wrote it. This is frustrating to me.

Anyways, recently I've been looking through things that I've written, even in middle-school and found many interesting things. This is one of them so I thought I'd like to share it with you guys.

To Power and Powerless

What remains encroach upon the frightful minds.
Such zeal impedes more before Nature’s ire.
And Destiny breaks Her impacts combined.
That power marks true, fixed in squalls of fire.

With amp, abides August gales which lie veiled,
Inside confined hearts from the break of day.
Just as a fig wasp leaves its shell with scaled
Conviction still, so does love never stray.

For gales, dynamic as it seems, has guides.
For gales, though great and wholesale, always fair
Completely with design and that goal strives
For wise desire but something grave isn’t there.

For decades I have still the same delight
And power as long as the gales keep flight.

Well Yefei, I might need to read this a few more times because right now I don't completely understand this piece. Interesting though. I hope you remember why you wrote it.
I like how you brought up poetry though. I've been thinking about poetic prose a lot and how much I'd like to write some. Oh, and does anyone want to get together and make puppy chow for the last day of class? It wouldn't be for awhile but it'd be nice to actually get a chance to hang out and talk to each other outside of class. Just an idea :P My email is mant0145@umn.edu if you're interested in doing this at all. See you after Thanksgiving!

I am excited that we are changing gears a bit as far as the type of paper we are writing. Choosing topics for personal essays is always the hardest part for me, but with the analytical paper choosing the topic is so much easier! I've had fun reading through the essays in the books looking for one to write about. I agree with Caitlin about Yefei's poem; it's very interesting, and I'm going to have to read it through a few more times. ...and I think puppy chow for the last day of class is a good idea :)

I really like the puppy chow idea!
I'm really glad I decided to take this class. It has really awakened my love for creative writing-I used to do it all of the time and in the past couple years I have slowly stopped. I remember now how much I enjoy it, and it was fun to also explore the genre of creative nonfiction. Although picking the topics was always really tough, so I am kind of happy we are taking a bit of a break and doing a regular paper now.

This course has been helpful for me by making me a more active reader, and maybe someday a better writer. As we read more essays throughout the course I began to understand the different motives for each author's choice of essay style. It makes me wonder why I kind of write in the same style when there are so many to choose from.
This fall I realized that I should be reading a lot more if I want to change things like that.

I'm not a fan of Puppy Chow, but I like the idea of having a really laid-back last day of class.

In fact, one of the things I enjoyed most about of this class was the kind of informal atmosphere. The discussions were an open invitation for everyone to speak their mind, and allowing students to give feedback on each other's work was nice. EngL 1021v wasn't so rigid like a standard college class, probably because of the small student size and the really narrow room (no extra room for formalities in cramped spaces, haha).

This was my first time taking a creative writing class and so I really didn’t know what to expect. I found out that I enjoyed it a lot more than a standard formal writing class and would love to take another class that is similar to this one. I liked writing the personal essays more than this upcoming critical paper because the personal essays made me reflect on certain aspects of my life which helped me understand myself better.

I was scanning through the Lopate Table of Contents when I saw "Why do I fast?" by Wole Soyinka.
I thought, "Great! an essay on something I've done, observed, and have always found fascinating but haven't yet sorted out for myself. Maybe Soyinka's work will help give meaning to fasting."
Then I read the essay and realized Soyinka's fasting is way more intense than anything I've ever witnessed, an act reserved for anorexics and political protesters. It's some pretty weird stuff, a sort of power stuggle and dying man's delerium all rolled into one.
I might have to find a different essay to review.

The poem you posted/wrote long ago is very interesting.. I read it a few times through and think I might have a faint grasp of the concept you explored therein. The language has an awesome old-school poet feel to it, maybe u were influenced by the stuff you were covering in sophomore english or something?

Anyway, I was wondering what folks are thinking about revising their essays? Are people thinking to completely revamp/expand/reduce, etc. ?

I forgot to post my name on my comment above, here it is.